Windows & Conservatories Fitters Gloucestershire

At CIS we fit all styles of windows & conservatories from UPVC and Wooden through to Aluminium and composite.

We also make sure that they are the best can offer to you with ‘A’ ratings, we have over 18 years experience in the installation of our windows so we pride ourselves both our service & installation whether it is a single UPVC bedroom window to an entire houseful of Aluminium bespoke made frames in a specific Ral colour.

The window installation industry has always been a very cutthroat industry and has quite a bad name for service but as we are a small business we make sure every customer gets the same high level of service every time which we have pushed on, which a lot of our installations have from recommendations this of course is the best way of advertising.

UPVC, Wooden & Aluminium Windows

There are so many styles of windows now which is making it harder to choose from even in the UPVC area they can offer everything now along with a wider range of colourist compete with aluminium and wooden frames.

We have a high demand in the UPVC sash window market which is more specific and a lot more work, they have looked to complete with the older style wooden box sash window, the installation of these we feel take a lot more planning as more things are taken into consideration such as re-plastering walls and brickwork.

So whatever your window choice give us a call for a no obligation quote your window needs.

The conservatories we offer are endless and are still very popular with the homeowner, the conservatory offers that extra room you need but not at the price of an extension or Orangery.

We have started to specialise in the Aluminium tiled roof for a conservatory and customers favourite line to us is “Its too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter”.

So we saw a gap in the market and looked into it, It is a great way of still keeping the windows the conservatory but changing the roof for a tiled effect roof which has the feel of a small extent, we again carry out all of the work ourselves including re-plastering the new roof.