Orangery Installation

Orangeries have started to become very popular again. Even though they are slightly higher price bracket than a conservatory they can offer a bigger space and not with the feel of a big green house. And because of changing customer needs and living this is why they are so popular, as more people are looking to add onto their property rather than have the hassle of moving.

Again here at CIS we can help you with choices and design from start to finish as we have so much knowledge in them, The traditional orangery look takes in a flat roof externally and internally has a plasterboard perimeter.


Classy Orangery Adds Style & Privacy

It has brick pillars which give this style of orangery a classy feel and offers more privacy which you sometimes don’t get with a standard conservatory, then providing a set of beautiful bi-folding doors the room comes alive and helps create a focal point of the home providing a seamless link from your home to your garden.

We also provide a living room orangery which is not to dissimilar to a standard conservatory but still gives you that classier feel, these give you a classic conservatory roof for the centre then has an equally high specification steel framework to build around.

All designs and varieties are offered here at Complete Installation Systems whether you think you know what you want we will always make sure every point is covered from window design to what roof you are set on.

We also like to say we can offer the orangery in UPVC, Aluminium and wooden varieties which a lot of companies don’t offer but because we have the knowledge of them we are able to do so.