BiFold doors & Sliding Patio Doors

These specific items in the industry are becoming more and more popular especially with aluminium products as there is no end of designs and colours to choose from.

We specialise in these products and have over 15 years experiences in fitting them whether it be just a small sliding door to a bifold door opening at the back of someones house the ideas are limitless.

Bifold Doors are in high demand now because of the style of living where people want to bring the “Outdoors In”, Bifold doors help that as they can open up the whole house and make it feel like you are outside.

We Specialise In These Quality BiFold Brands:

  • Smarts
  • Beaufort
  • Origin
  • Schuco

These are all very popular systems and we are here to help you pick the best make and style to fit in with your design.

The Sliding door in recent years has been making a significant comeback in popularity, this is why we still make them available to our customers.

We have fit sets which are just 2 metres in length right up to sets which are over 8 metres in length. The good thing about the sliding door is that you are able to have such large units, this is where they trump bifold doors as you are restricted due to weight issues.

With sliding doors you are able to have a 8 metre unit made from just 4 panels offering a great way to keep the framework to a minimum.

Again like the bifold we offer over 15 years of experience in working with sliding doors and have a thorough knowledge of designs and real colours which we can advise you on, giving you the best design for your property.